Labelling adhesive

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1) Glass bottle labelling adhesive 

a) Excellent tack and adhesion

b) medium to high viscosity applications

c)  Machine/ manual applicationd) High Peel and shelf life

2) Pet bottle Labelling Adhesive
a) Manual/ Semi Auto application

b) Perfect for gummer machine

c) Extreme high tack and peel

d) Low viscosity high strentgh

e) High Shelf life

3) Automatic PET labelling
a) High quality

b) Long shelf life

c) High to extreme high viscosity

d) Extreme strength and peel

4) Woodlam Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
a) Extreme High Tack and peel 

b) Viscosity as per requirement

c) Excellent wetting and no migration 

d) High Shelf life

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